About Deepak Malhotra

I am a registered U.S. Patent Attorney with a Juris Doctor degree, a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and over 20 years experience in patent preparation and prosecution. I was most recently a shareholder at a well respected patent law firm before leaving for more balance and flexibility. I now carefully consider which projects to accept. My goal is to accept only a small volume of high value cases and give them the utmost attention.

While one of only three Electrical Engineer attorneys at my previous firm, the firm was ranked #2 in the U.S. for quality of Electrical Patents by PatentRatings, LLC.

My Federal admission to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office allows me to represent clients in any state of the country in patent and trademark matters. I am also able to assist clients in any country in the world in patent and trademark matters, and I have a worldwide network of associates willing to help U.S. clients obtain protection in other countries.

When infringement occurs, I can help evaluate the strength of the case and, through an association with experienced litigators, ensure that vigorous enforcement occurs.

My experience is in assisting small and large companies around the world, particularly those in the electrical, mechanical, and computer arts, and in trademark portfolio management. I particularly enjoy working with software-based inventions and business methods. Technologies I've worked with include software, RF communications, sensors, smart cards, ESD protection, tape drives, disk drives, servo systems, printers, static memory cells, dynamic memory cells, databases, publishing systems, virtual reality, wafer production methods, wafer polishing, antenna diversity systems, RF collision arbitration systems, marketing systems, electron multipliers, digital clock recovery loops, etc. I've also worked on mechanical inventions such as automotive inventions, environmental and wastewater treatment inventions, etc.

I had previously worked in Canada, and have experience in dealing with foreign patent offices and foreign associates. I have represented various foreign clients and law firms in Japan, Korea, the U.K., Canada, and elsewhere before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

My minimum hourly rate is $300, and I perform some projects on a fixed fee (quote) basis. I strive to be responsive and provide fast turn around time. If you are curious about my credentials, see my resumé. This web site was first established in April, 1995. Original layout and HTML code was written by Deepak Malhotra.